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Watercolor glass powder - Boxes

Box 15 colors Box 24 colors    
U$S 65,80 US$ 106    


Watercolor glass powder - Jars

Light skin base x 25 grs. Bubbles x 50 grs. Carbón x 50 grs. (Coal) Carbón x 100 grs. (Coal)
U$S 2,68 U$S 6,83 U$S 6,62 U$S 12,21
Chocolate x 25 grs.  Dulce de Leche x 25 grs. Francia x 25 grs. (Royal Blue) Jade x 25 grs.
U$S 2,44 U$S 2,17 U$S 3,62 U$S 3,75
Lima x 25 grs. (Lime green) Mandarina x 25 grs. (Tangerine) Mostaza x 25 grs.  (Mustard) Nieve x 50 grs. (Snow)
U$S 3,54 U$S 7,61 U$S 2,55 U$S 3,78
Nieve x 100 grs. (Snow) Oliva x 25 grs. (Olive green) Petróleo x 25 grs. (Oil green) Pomelo x 25 grs. (Grapefruit)
U$S 6,83 U$S 2,44 U$S 4,91 U$S 3,75
Prusia x 25 grs. (Prussian blue) Rosa x 25 grs. (Pink) Rubí x 25 grs. (Ruby red) Sombra x 25 grs. (Shadow)
U$S 4,31 U$S 4,04 U$S 8,24 U$S 3,15
Tomate x 25 grs. (Tomato red) Turmalina x 25 grs. (Tourmaline) Turquesa x 25 grs. (Turquoise) Uva x 25 grs. (Purple grape)
U$S 8,33 U$S 5,33 U$S 2,94 U$S 5,81 - LAST AVAILABLE
Berenjena x 25 grs. (Eggplant) Rosa Profundo x 25 grs. (Deep Pink) Lavanda x 35 grs. Durazno x 25 grs. 
U$S 3,94 U$S 4,04 U$S 3,07 U$S 4,35


Watercolor glass powder - Bags

Light skin base x 25grs. Bubbles x 50 grs. Carbón x 50 grs. (Coal) Chocolate x 25 grs.
U$S 2,02 U$S 6,38 U$S 5,96 U$S 1,76
Dulce de Leche x 25 grs. Francia x 25 grs. (Royal blue) Jade x 25 grs. Lima x 25 grs. (Lime green)
U$S 1,50 U$S 2,96 U$S 3,08 U$S 2,87
Mandarina x 25 grs. (Tangerine) Mostaza x 25 grs. (Mustard) Nieve x 50 grs. (Snow) Oliva x 25 grs. (Olive green)
U$S 6,93 U$S 1,91 U$S 3,12 U$S 1,76
Petróleo x 25 grs. (Oil Green) Pomelo x 25 grs. (Grapefruit) Prusia x 25 grs. (Prussian blue) Rosa x 25 grs. (Pink)
U$S 4,25 U$S 3,08 U$S 3,65 U$S 3,38
Rubí x 25 grs. (Ruby red) Sombra x 25 grs. (Shadow) Tomate x 25 grs. (Tomato red) Turmalina x 25 grs. (Tourmaline)
U$S 7,58 U$S 2,50 U$S 7,67 U$S 4,67
Turquesa x 25 grs. (Turquoise) Uva x 25 grs. (Purple grape) Berenjena x 25grs. (Eggplant) Rosa Profundo x 25 grs. (Deep Pink)
U$S 2,29 U$S 5,17 - LAST AVAILABLE U$S 3,31 u$S 3,38
Lavanda x 25 grs. Durazno x 25 grs.    
U$S 2,40 U$S  3,67 U$S  u$S



5 Head sgraffito set      
U$S 19,90      

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